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Maxime (@maxmzzn)


Worth it is a simple app that keeps track of your money in the simplest way, just enter the balance of each account or asset (🚗, 🏠?) and you are done.
The simple fact of knowing what you have (and you owe) is the most important step in taking better financial decisions.

What is Worth it? 💡

Based on the principle that your time is money, you want to keep track of it and never forget where you left things.
Worth it helps you keep an eye on what you own and what you owe, from the cash under your mattress to the pension account opened by your previous company 10 years ago! And don't worry, you are not alone, it personally took me 6 months to remember all the places I left some money, from the old drawer with some foreign currency to the crypto I bought a few years back and forgot about.

Worth it is simple, you just enter your last account balance. We know how hard it can be to keep track of every transaction, no one wants to do that.

As an additional bonus, it is generally said that knowing what you have is the first financial step anyone should take.
Knowing your net worth will get you to feel the peace of mind in every decision you take in life, "can I afford this? should I pay off my debt? etc.". The additional insights will help you see your progress and stay motivated.

Most popular features include:

  • - Beautiful UI and graphs
  • - Privacy-focused, including Sign in with Apple support and more.
  • - Realtime (to the milliseconds) sync between all your devices
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